Hamburg-based start-up TimeTeller® announces the official launch

TimeTeller®, a Hamburg-based start-up, was founded in March 2023 by Prof. Dr. Angela Relógio, Ascenion, a representative of the Charité, and Dr. Benjamin Dose, and has announced its official launch. TimeTeller® is a spin-off from the Charité Berlin, where the TimeTeller® Project was part of the "Inventors for Health (I4H) Programme,“ and the “Digital Health Accelerator” (DHA) programms aimed at promoting the development of breakthrough medical innovations and training a new generation of inventors.

"We are thrilled to launch TimeTeller® and are one step closer to bring TimeTeller® to the market," said Prof. Dr. Angela Relógio, co-founder and CEO of TimeTeller®. "Our mission is to improve patient outcomes by developing time-based medicine solutions that are tailored to each patient's individual needs."

TimeTeller®'s technology is based on a patented algorithm that analyzes a patient's circadian rhythm, to determine the optimal timing for medication administration. This personalized approach to medicine has the potential to significantly improve treatment outcomes and reduce side effects.

"We believe that personalized medicine is the future of healthcare, and we are excited to be at the forefront of this revolution," said Dr. Benjamin Dose, co-founder of TimeTeller®. "Our technology has the potential to transform the way we approach treatment and improve the lives of millions of patients worldwide."

TimeTeller® is set to continue ongoing clinical trials in the coming months and plans to validate its product in late 2023.

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