TimeTeller Among Hamburger Start-ups Engaging with Berlin's Politicians

It takes grit to start a company, and it takes a village to make it work!
An important role is played by policy makers. TimeTeller GmbH is most grateful to have been part of the Hamburg Start-Up delegation during a two-days visit to Berlin. We had the opportunity to discuss start-up specific topics with Staatsrätin Almut Möller, Marcus Körber from the Landesvertretung Hamburg in Berlin, and MdB Metin Hakverdi. A follow-up meeting is in planning, and given the diversity of the topics within the start-up landscape in Hamburg, there will certainly be a lot to discuss. Many thanks also to Claudia Behrendt from the Digital Hub Initiative, Reik Högner from the Deutscher Bundestag, the Bundespressamt, the Federal Ministry for Economics and Climate Action, Julius Welsch from Life Science Nord, and Angus Baigent from Hamburg Aviation for the great photos!

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