TimeTeller Shortlisted for Public Voting in the IDEE-Förderpreis

We are delighted to announce that TimeTeller is among the startups selected for public voting within the IDEE-Förderpreis.

Ten new great ideas, among which TimeTeller, were pre-selected, and can been seen and voted at https://www.idee-kaffee.com/de-de/foerderpreis/publikumsvoting.

The winner of the public vote will  have the opportunity to present to the expert jury and may win the prestigious IDEE  award. The voting will run until 31 October 2023.

The Hamburg coffee roaster Albert Darboven has been awarding the IDEE-Förderpreis since 1997. The prize is a national award for innovative ideas for business start-ups by women.  Viable and promising business concepts from all economic sectors are sought. The focus is on promoting female entrepreneurs who secure the international competitiveness of the German economy with innovative and sustainable business ideas.

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