TimeTeller wins Female StartAperitivo Hamburg and represents Hamburg in the final

Hamburg's Female StartAperitivo semifinal showcased ten women-led startups with inspiring pitches.

The startups taking part in the competition covered a diverse range of topics, including women's health, low-code software development, and digital travel guides. Notable pitches included Everchange, addressing women's health with online courses, and Womatics, offering solutions for breastfeeding pain. The winner, TimeTeller, led by Prof. Dr. Angela Relógio, focuses on optimizing chemotherapy timing based on the body's internal clock. Whether TimeTeller can also prevail in the nationwide competition with startups and female founders from nine other German states will become clear on July 6. For tickets and more information please see TimeTeller vertritt Hamburg im Finale von Female StartAperitivo by Mathias Jäger.


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