TimeTeller wins the Gründungspreis+

The Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Klimaschutz
awards for founders were announced yesterday during the  #DigitalGipfel (German Digital Summit) in Jena. Among the awardees for the main prize, the Gründungspreis+, was TimeTeller GmbH, represented by Angela Relógio and Benjamin Dose!  
The award acknowledges the work of highly innovative startups in Germany, with a strong digital component and the potential to be game changers in their respective field.
A big thanks to our hosts yesterday at the award ceremony, Dr. Anna Christmann and Dr. Robert Habeck, German minister for economy and climate, and also to the Gründungswettbewerb – Digitale Innovationen - team, Matthias Bürger, 💡Stefan Petzolt, Catleen Steeger,  Kristina Peneva, Tilman Liebchen.
TimeTeller is extremely honoured, this is an amazing reward for the tremendous hard work of our amazing team, and a huge motivation to pursue our vision and contribute to a better and more personalized cancer treatment!


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